The Lord’s Rewards Psalm 18:20

20The LORD rewarded me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands hath he recompensed me.

David is looking back at his life and he is looking at the times when the Lord was able to reward him. He looked back at the times when he was the happiest and he realized that those were the times when his walk was close to the Lord. David realized that the Lord rewarded him not because of his righteousness, but according to his righteousness. There is a big difference between the two.

David did not receive blessings in his life because he deserved them. David received rewards and blessings because that was God’s plan for David from the very beginning. God desires to bless and reward us all. However, He can only bless us when we are in a position to be blessed and we are able to receive what it is that God has in store for us.

As David walked in righteousness or followed God’s instruction and direction for his life, God was able to reward him with life that was full and abundant. God did not reward David because he was good; David’s obedience to God put him in a position to receive the blessings that God had in store from him in the first place. There is a difference in perspective here and it is very important that we understand this difference.

God has plans to do nothing but good for us. However, when we refuse to follow His instruction and His direction for our lives, we step away from His presence and His rewards and His provisions and His power to protect and bless us. When we are obedient to Him and to His instruction, His words are life. His instruction and His direction lead us in the path of righteousness, which has on it a multitude of rewards that are ours to enjoy! It is like having a personalized map or built in GPS system that has all the best eating places and resting places marked for our benefit. As we stay on the path that He has planned for us, we benefit tremendously. When we veer off of that path, we miss the mark and we fail to receive what He has for us, not because He withholds His blessings from us, but because we fail to follow His instructions to be where those blessings and rewards can be found!

We need to learn to listen to the instruction found in the Word of God and we need to follow the direction of the Holy Spirit in our heart, for that is where the blessings of life can be found. God has so much planned for us if we will be listen to Him and let Him have His way in our hearts so that He can have His way in our lives as well! God wants to give us the desires of His heart and there is nothing that can compare to that! The Lord’s rewards are wonderful!

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