Thank you for stopping in at our new site introducing Transformed Theology and Conversionism. This will no doubt be an ongoing and transforming project in and of itself. My primary concern is to find common ground that will provide a firm foundation for those who cannot accept the tenets of Calvinism but are not universalists either.

Calvinism places regeneration before (or at the least simultaneous with) saving faith and repentance which leads to conversion or adoption. it makes no difference WHEN regeneration takes place, for the Calvinist faith and repentance are impossible without regeneration, which is from God at His sole discretion.

Transformed Theology agrees with the Calvinist that God’s activity is essential in the salvific process, in that a person cannot on his own just choose to come to Christ. He is drawn to God through Christ’s atoning sacrifice at Calvary. The issue of contention however, is that revelation and reconciliation as opposed to regeneration leads an individual to respond in saving faith and repentance to God’s initiative and drawing. The focal point here is man’s responsibility in this covenant relationship where God says, “I want to be your God and I want you to be My child.” the Calvinist will counter with this argument of man’s “total depravity” and his abject inability to even respond to God. Transformed Theology is divested of the issue of total depravity because its concept of Limited Atonement is very different from the Calvinist. the Calvinist must have a totally depraved man to build the foundation for limited atonement and the necessity of regeneration in the first place.

With Transformed Theology, man is a sinner because he has a sinful nature and because he has sinned. There is no elaborate explanation as to why this is true. The Bible says, “All men have sinned and come short of the glory of God.” (Romans 3:23) That is all that needs to be said! All men need a Savior. Jesus is that Savior. That is simple enough.

As for Christ’s atoning sacrifice, both the Calvinist and the Conversionist contend that Christ’s sacrifice is sufficient to save. It is the scope of that atoning sacrifice that once again separates the Calvinist from the Conversionist. Calvinism contends that Jesus died exclusively for the elect. He did not die for the sins of the whole world. Calvinists conclude Jesus could not have died for the sins of the lost because they will pay the penalty for their sin in eternal damnation. If Jesus died to pay that penalty then there would be no sin to condemn them; thus Jesus could not have died for the sins of those who would ultimately and finally reject Christ and die lost. In that case, their sin would be punished twice.

Jesus speaks about the Unpardonable Sin that condemns an individual and there is no remedy for that sin. It is the only sin that His blood does not save an individual from. Listen to what Jesus said about this sin, “Therefore I say to you, every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven men. Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the Holy Spirit, it will not be forgiven him, either in this age or in the age to come.” (Matt 12:31-32 NKJV) Jesus’ sacrificial death on the cross indeed paid the penalty for all the sin of men, with this one exception. Jesus indeed paid it all. The penalty has been paid but it still needs to be redeemed. The Holy Spirit convicts men of their need to be saved through God’s sovereign self-revelation of Himself to those He is seeking to reconcile unto Himself. (Eph. 2:16; Col 1:20) Man’s response to His revelation is what determines his eternal destiny.

There is much more to come. We invite your questions and most of all your prayers and we seek God’s direction and discernment concerning the further advancement of Conversionism and Transformed Theology.

Grateful to be in His Grip


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  1. Thankful to see an Arminian pastor teaching sound doctrine and seeking to teach the people of God the truths of Arminianism. Calvinist pastors have done a great job of indoctrinating their people while we Arminians need to disciple our people about the foundations of our faith in the holy Scriptures.


  2. Thanks for stopping in and leaving a comment. While I suppose my theology is easier for an Arminian to accept, I am really no more an Arminian than a Calvinist. But I am not really as much concerned with tags as I am having a foundation that is theologically consistent with the Scriptures!

    How a person passes from death to life and comes to Christ is foundational to me and that is why I do what I do.

    May God bless us all and lead us down the right path to truth for His glory and the benefit of those who look to us to expound the truth to them!

    Grateful to be in His Grip!



  3. Posted by STEVEN J. MORAN on February 28, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Hello Pastor Bob,

    What a great blessing to find your site. I’ve been a Christian for about thirty-eight years, and have over that period of time been exposed to both Arminian and Calvinistic teachings. From my observation you are spot on in your assessment of the Calvinist’s high opinion of their intellectual abilities. I read an article from a Free Will Baptist, A.B. Brown, where he stated, “The key that opens all the doors is the right key.” That’s the problem with Calvinism, because it ignores so much in the Bible that runs counter to its position. It has a few teeth to it but not enough to open all the doors.

    From “Chosen by God,” by R.C.Sproul-
    “The only answer I can give to this question is that I don’t know. I have no idea why God saves some but not all. I don’t doubt for a moment that God has the power to save all, but I know that he does not choose to save all. I don’t know why.”

    In my opinion the reason that R.C. Sproul can’t answer the question is because his Calvinistic theology is flawed.

    Thanks for your service to Christ and to us. I look forward to spending time here and learning from you.




    • Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Fortunately, it is not so much that Calvinists are proud of their “high opinion of their intellectual abilities” as it is the Calvinist system seems to answer all the right questions in a nice neat theological package and the younger guys are soaking it all up. Some are pretty arrogant about it but there are those in every crowd.

      I do believe a counter “system” that answers a lot of the same questions with very different answers might help with this whole issue.

      Great to have you visiting; spend some time and leave some comments.



      • Posted by STEVEN J. MORAN on February 29, 2012 at 7:37 pm

        “I do believe a counter “system” that answers a lot of the same questions with very different answers might help with this whole issue.”

        I agree, and would like to “own” that counter system. That’s one of my goals.

  4. Posted by Disillusioned on March 22, 2013 at 10:59 am

    I’m personally not a Christian, although, for many years, I was. My attempt to get my mind around the biblical evidence for calvinism versus arminianism was, in fact, the death blow to my perpetually waivering faith. Of the people I ‘left behind’ in the process, I’ve found that, while there are some ‘decent’ people and psychologically ‘healthy’ people on both ‘sides’ of the fence -the really evil (narcisstic, and sociopathic) people disproportionately favor calvinism (for what are obvious reasons to me) And the emotionally lost, struggling, and chemically addicted ones do Oh-so-much-worse if they are unfortunate enough to be caught up in these churches (again -for obvious reasons, I believe). I know that there are anti-intellectuals in both camps; Anti-psychology and anti- personal agency folks in both camps; But the removal of self-help and personal growth resources from people who need them seems to be most destructive when replaced with doctrines that do the greatest injury to personal responsibility and personal agency. I’m watching this doctrine and the people who are ‘attracted’ to them (not just ‘compelled’ by them, because they do have a ‘compelling’ argument….albeit for a cold and capricious god) destroy what was left of my family.


    • disillusioned,

      Thanks for stopping by my site. I would like to dialogue some on why you are no longer a Christian… I like the statement “although for many years I was”. If that is truly the case then I will look forward to hearing your story sometime in glory.

      While I understand listening to the wranglings of theology can be tedious and very difficult even in the best of situations and circumstances, it can certainly be problematic for folks who are not in a position to follow the discussions and properly process the arguments. Of course, a lot of folks who are waging the discussions fall into those categories… if everyone properly processed the arguments, I do not believe there would be as much confusion as there is.

      I would encourage you to focus on the God of the Bible and His great love for you and let the discussions about the Bible itself fall to the wayside.

      Let me give you a couple questions to prayerfully consider.

      1.) Surely you would be willing to agree that there is a creator of this great universe. TO me to assume otherwise takes much more faith and really cant even be justified… for how can anything spring from nothing?

      2.) If there is a creator or intelligent designer of life, then does it not seem reasonable and rationable that this being would want us as His creation to know who He is and why He created us and what it is that He would have us to to complete our created purpose?

      3.) Would it not seem reasonable that seeking to fulfil that purpose ought to be the goal of our lives and that in doing so our lives here would be better and any hope of eternity would be possible?

      Certainly seems reasonable to me… and the old saying… if you are right then neither of us misses anything. If I am right and you are wrong, then you miss everything, I like my place whether there is a heaven or not…

      May God bless you and meet you where you are and take away the disallusionment and replace that dispair with His glorious light that would shine in your heart and into the lives of those around you!


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