The Gospel Project

Please read the following two articles at SBC Issues concerning The Gospel Project.

A Response to Trevin Wax’s Remarks Concerning The Gospel Project by Lifeway.

An Open Letter to Drs. Thom Rainer and Ed Stetzer and Lifeway Trustees

As expected, two things are already happening with respect to the announcement of “The Gospel Project.” There are cries from those who see the CLEAR Calvinist leaning group that is responsible for the project and then there are those who are asking, “What is the big deal? Just because they are Calvinist, that does not mean the project is not well written and worthy of being promoted to Southern Baptist Churches as a great Bible Study.” Ok.

In all fairness, it ought to be clearly understood that these writers are going to write from the depths of their hearts concerning what they believe the Bible teaches about what the TRUE GOSPEL is! To simply pass this project off as a Great Bible Study that is not going to deal with the issues that THESE Calvinists consider strictly Biblical is a slap in the faces of those who have invested themselves in this project. It is as if the Calvinist response is, “let’s all live and let live; let’s all get together and sing “kumbayah “ and be one big happy family. This Bible Study will be a big blessing to the people in your church. What is the “BIG DEAL?”

To read the rest of the article HERE…

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