Sin and God’s Presence

Here are some thoughts I wrote down this morning in my devotional time.

In the garden Adam and Eve made a choice; they chose their way over God’s way. Their choice separated them from God. This separation is what God sought to correct on the cross. So, Christ in giving His life on the cross, made it possible for God to reconcile the world unto Himself. How does He do that? By offering man today the same thing He offered Adam; life in His presence.

In choosing Israel, God said, I want to be your God and I want you to me My people. The problem was, the people would not remain faithful to maintain fellowship with His presence. So, Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for sin so that in our coming to Him, God would bring His presence into our hearts, which is the hope of eternal life that begins at regeneration and continues forever.



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by cindyrsandifer on December 12, 2011 at 8:29 am

    this is good.
    also, i see that God legally gave dominion over this earth to Adam and Adam handed his dominion over to Satan. well, technically EVE disobeyed first, but she came from Adam and was also created by God, so it sounds to me like Adam was ultimately responsible for her downfall because he did not stop her?? anyway, that is a whole different issue. the point i would like to make is that since man legally gave his dominion to the enemy, and since God does things legally, He did not just override Satan and return eden to its idyllic state. legally, another man would have to redeem eden. hence, christ came as a man to do that job.
    as i think about all of this, i am reminded of how Christ continually rebuked those religious men who advanced their oral tradition and interpretation of the law over the true heart of the law (as illustrated by Christ in the sermon on the mount). Christ, the origin of justice, truth and grace was disgusted by the “piety” of the religious leaders. the contrast between their version of the law, and all of the accompanying, self-serving loopholes, and His version of heartfelt love of God, was obvious.
    in my opinion, this is part of what He meant when He said, “i came to fulfill the law, not abolish it.” God’s legal bestowment of the earth to Adam had to be legally ransomed by Christ so satan can be legally banished once and for all. satan is already banished from the hearts of believers because we house the Spirit and are dead to sin, but he must be banished from the earth as well, and will be as depicted in the book of revelation it is all about ransom and redemption brought about by His one-time, all-sufficient sacrifice.


  2. I am thinking through your idea that Adam gave his dominion to Satan. Not sure i see God’s redemptive work in that light.

    I do believe you are correct in seeing all this as Adam’s fault ultimately… because I believe his response should have been to go to God on Eve’s behalf instead of “doing what God told HIM not to do.” Now, there is this idea that Adam knew the penalty for Eve’s actions was death… and in his mind, he did not want to live without her so he chose to stand with her in whatever plight God may choose. In a sense, I can actually make Adam’s choice in this situation one similar to the one that Jesus would ultimately make; the difference being Adam chose to do things his way and Jesus chose to do things God’s way… which further accentuates the analogies pictured between the first Adam and the second Adam.

    Come back ANYTIME! Glad you are a new participant.



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