Conservative Reformed Mafia

I just finished reading a blog from a self admitted disgruntled Southern Baptist pastor who is looking to find another denominational home. He wrote a 3 part post titled “Civility and Calvinism” which I think is worth the read. You can find it by clicking here.

Here is my response to his article concerning the issue of Calvinism and its increasing influence in the SBC.

Thanks again for your perspective on this issue. It is not going to go away. One of two things will happen. Another “resurgence move” will take place and through trustee appointments the influence of Calvinism will be curbed or the convention will become more and more Calvinistic and as ALL new church plants that are Founder friendly are “confessionally reformed” so will they seek to make the SBC. If that happens, it is not the Calvinists who will not have a voice at the table, it will be me. That is where things are tragically headed.

It is really interesting to me to paint the “Bill’s” of the convention as detrimental to the over-all heath of the convention because he disagrees with what is happening. It is as if the “poor Calvinists” are all of a sudden the innocent victims of contentious discontented Southern Baptists who have nothing more to do than pick a fight because they just love to keep contention alive. Shame on them! Is it remotely possible that the influence Calvinists have garnered “under the radar” so to speak has finally gotten some folk’s attention and they like me, do not like what it going on. No… surely that cannot be the problem????????????

This whole argument to “kiss and make up and be accepting of each other inspite of the deeply dividing issues that the “CALVINISTS DO NOT LIKE ANY BETTER THAN I DO… ” is an effort to get the non-calvinist to shut up so they can keep doing what they are doing. Seems like I have been hearing this kind of logic somewhere else for the last half century… oh yea.. I remember now… from Washington… Look where that has gotten us.

No thank you on my part. Sorry.

Grateful to be in His Grip



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